Corporate Photo Partner program

Corporate Photo Partners are companies and organizations distributing pictures of missing children. The Corporate Photo Distribution Program has increased the volume of exposure for these photos since being launched by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® in 1985. This widespread coverage gives NCMEC and law enforcement officials indispensable leads resulting in the return of thousands of missing children.

What are some of the ways Corporate Photo Partners participate?

NCMEC's Corporate Photo Partners use a variety of methods and channels to reach millions of people on a frequent basis. These include but are not limited to:

  • Postings on bulletin boards in large national and regional chain stores.
  • Imprints on national direct-mail advertising fliers.
  • Reprints in national and regional large circulation magazines and newsletters.
  • Airings on network and syndicated television shows.
  • Viewings on electronic kiosks in shopping malls and other areas with high pedestrian traffic.
  • Imprints on shopping and pharmacy bags used in national chain stores.

Creating a Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are an effective tool to post missing children's photos. As one example Walmart® has committed to hosting a missing children's bulletin board in every store, generating thousands of leads resulting in the recovery of missing children. Creating a bulletin board requires securing a visible space and making a commitment to maintain active cases on the bulletin board. The best sites for bulletin boards are high traffic areas where many people will see them.

How does a Corporate Photo Partner obtain current missing children photos to distribute?

NCMEC works with all partners to customize their programs. NCMEC sends high quality, missing children's posters to Corporate Photo Partners via email, postal mail or XML. These posters contain photos and vital identification information about that child and the circumstances surrounding his or her disappearance. When a child is recovered the photo partners are immediately notified and given a replacement photo if needed.

How does becoming a Corporate Photo Partner benefit your organization?

According to NCMEC's current partners, joining this program:

  • Allows their organization to perform a vital public service.
  • Provides them with positive public relations.
  • Provides positive exposure by enhancing the visibility of the organization, its products and programs.
  • Improves the perception of the organization in the eyes of its customers.

Participation as a NCMEC Corporate Photo Partner unites the organization, its employees and their community to help bring missing children home.

How can my company or organization become a Corporate Photo Partner?

If your company or organization has a national or regional distribution and is interested in becoming a Corporate Photo Partner, contact the NCMEC photo partner program manager at 703-224-2150 or