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They must not be forgotten

Long-term missing programs keep cold cases warm

A child whose case has gone "cold" could be anywhere.  Even next door. 

That's why we don't rest until every missing child is reunited with their family—even when months and years stretch into decades. 

Because cases like Elizabeth Smart (missing nine months), Jaycee Dugard (missing 18 years) and Carlina White (missing for 23 years) show us that these long-awaited reunions do happen.

As you might imagine, in such cases a sense of helplessness can quickly turn in to a paralyzing feeling of hopelessness for the family of a long-term missing child. But thanks to generous friends like you who support the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, these families have a place where they can always turn to for years or even decades of support.

Long after authorities have called off the search, we continue to do everything in our power to help find children who have been taken from their families—from distributing missing child posters to training law enforcement on how to handle abduction and exploitation cases. 

You can help us continue this lifesaving work by making a gift today.

Your contribution will provide the resources we need to support programs such as our age progression imaging which takes a photo of a child from the time they went missing to make a new image of how they would look now.  With this technology we are able to help recover children even when they have become adults.  We also operate:

  • Project ALERT:  Project ALERT is a team of retired law enforcement professionals who provide technical assistance to law enforcement on case review, comprehensive analysis, search and rescue, biometrics collection and integration of all other available NCMEC resources to help find a missing child.
  • Biometrics and The Forensic Services Unit:  The Biometrics Team aids law enforcement in their identification of unknown children through biometrics such as DNA samples, dental records and fingerprints.
  • Team Hope:  Team HOPE is a group of ordinary people who were forced to live the nightmare of having a missing or exploited child in their lives and now offer peer support to other families of missing and sexually exploited children. 

No matter how long it takes, NCMEC is there for the families in their time of need while assisting law enforcement in their search for children who have been taken from their families or are being exploited.  Make sure we can continue keeping the "cold" cases warm with a gift to NCMEC today!

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