Safety Quiz for Kids

1. Before I go anywhere, I:
    a. Check first with my parents, guardian, teacher or person in charge
    b. Go and play and check back later
    c. Leave my family a note about where I am and when I'll be back.
2. When I walk to and from school:
    a. I go alone... I'm big and can take care of myself.
    b. I take a friend because it is safer and more fun.
    c. I ride my bike, and if anybody bothers me, I can just ride away from them.
3. If I'm feeling really sad about something someone said or did:
    a. I tell my Mom and Dad.
    b. I tell my friend or teacher.
    c. I keep it a secret, because I was told I should.
4. If I get lost and can't find my Mom or Dad in a store, I:
    a. Run around yelling their names really loud.
    b. Find a store clerk and ask for help.
    c. Go out to the car and wait for them there.
5. If someone I don't know asks me for directions or to help them, I:
    a. Get away quickly and tell an adult I trust.
    b. Go over to their car and tell them where they need to go.
    c. Offer to go with them and show them the way.