Safety Quiz for Parents and Guardians

1. What is one of most important things you can do to help keep your children safer?
    a. Have their fingerprints taken by police.
    b. Have their photographs taken at least annually.
    c. Supervise them and talk to them early and regularly about their safety.
2. How old are the most common victims of abduction and exploitation?
    a. Five years old.
    b. Infants.
    c. Teenagers.
3. According to police, what is one of the most important tools in the search for a missing child?
    a. Search dogs.
    b. Current, good quality photographs of the missing child.
    c. Private detectives.
4. Who is the most likely individual to abduct your child?
    a. Someone they know.
    b. Someone they don't know.
5. Do posters of missing kids really work?
    a. Yes.
    b. No.