Child Safety, Education & Prevention Publications

Child Safety and Prevention

The following publications provide information related to child safety and prevention topics. Publications range from safety tips for kids to information for expectant parents. Additional publications regarding general information, missing children or child sexual exploitation, are listed on the left.

Child ID Kit

This identification kit includes space for a photo, descriptive information about a child and fingerprints.

Child Safety Is More Than a Slogan

This flier provides positive safety messages and information about safety skills to help your child develop self-esteem and self-confidence while keeping them safer.

Going Out Checklist for Families

Review these tips for keeping families safe before going out to an amusement park, mall, or other public place.

Staying Home Alone

Important points families should consider before allowing their children to stay home alone.

NetSmartz® Brochure

Information about our innovative program educating children about online safety and digital citizenship.

Preventing Abduction

These tips can help trusted adults learn more about abduction and how to better protect children.

Safe to Compete: An Introduction to Sound Practices for Keeping Children Safer in Youth-Serving Organizations

This document is a framework for youth-serving organizations to guide their development of a sexual abuse prevention program.

Safety Scenarios

Role-playing scenarios trusted adults can use to help children learn to identify and react in risky situations.

Safety Tips for Expectant Parents

Safety guidelines to help prevent infant abductions.

What Should You Do If You See A Child Who Appears to Be Lost?

Tips about what to do when you see a child who appears to be lost.

What You Need to Know About Background Screening

Guide for youth-serving organizations on how to better screen employees and minimize the risk to the children they serve.

School Records, Birth Certificates, and the Search for Missing Children

A guide for those seeking information on school records and birth certificates and how these documents are used in missing child cases.